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Register for one of my programs today, so we can align you with your destiny.

  • Journeymen

    Transition Plan: 30-Day Resurgence Boost
    Valid for 30 days
    • Daily Wellness Journal
    • Daily Self-Affirmations
    • Meal Plans and Recipes
    • A Personalized Charisma Guide
    • Moving Motivation Manuel
    • ACCESS to C.O.R.E. Coaching membership Group
  • Best Value

    Goal Setters

    Training Skillset: Master Accountability Plans
    Valid for 3 months
    • Personal Life MAP with a guided daily COMPASS
    • Self-Affirmation Collection
    • ACCESS to Soul Sync Sunday Podcast
    • Fulfillment Collection(charismatic pkg)+personalized bonus!
    • Wellness Awareness Collection(A.B.S. pkg)+free gift
    • ACCESS to C.O.R.E. Coaching membership group
  • Goal Keepers

    Expert Skillset: Complete the transformation
    Valid for 6 months
    • Personalized MAP review monthly
    • Self-Affirmations Collection
    • C.O.R.E. Collection Kit
    • Father's Fulfillment POD cast +BONUSES*
    • Soul Sync Sundays Group membership +BONUSES*
    • Wellness Collection +FREE gift!
    • 24 scheduled weekly 30-minute private sessions
  • Platinum Pinnacle

    Daily awareness commitment completely customized.
    Valid for 12 months
    • A daily Self-Affirmation VALUE $36.95
    • A daily Self-Accountability MAP VALUE $9997
    • A daily meal planner VALUE $2597
    • A daily Personalized Blessing VALUE $365
    • A weekly 30-minute personal session VALUE $4997
    • Lifetime ACCESS to C.O.R.E Coaching membership VALUE $1997
    • Unlimited ACCESS to Father's Fulfillment POD cast $99.95
    • Monthly Progress Report VALUE $99.00
    • BONUSES from personalized merch "Platinum Power Pinnacle"
    • Personalized journal "Platinum Power Pinnacle" VALUE $149.00
    • Lifetime membership to Soul Sync Sundays Collective
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